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Charanga’s Schemes

Follow one Scheme, mix and match or build your own.

Original Scheme
Screenshot of Charanga's Award-winning Scheme
Model Music
Curriculum Scheme
Screenshot of Charanga's Model Music Curriculum Scheme
Scheme Builder
Screenshot of Charanga's Scheme Builder

Charanga’s Schemes are structured around units and steps that support your lesson planning and delivery across the year – but flexibility is key. You can choose to follow one Scheme of Work step-by-step, mix and match units from different Schemes, or build your own. You decide.

Your Charanga licence includes a range of Schemes:

Charanga’s Original Scheme

Charanga’s popular Original Scheme meets all the statutory curricular requirements of the National Curriculum for England. Ofsted recognises it and is multi-award-winning.

Charanga’s Original Scheme – Adapted for Hybrid and Blended Learning

Charanga’s Adapted Scheme mirrors the Original Scheme, unit by unit, yet supports a range of teaching and learning contexts where a mix of face-to-face and online delivery is required, planned or otherwise.

Charanga’s English Model Music Curriculum Scheme

If you’re interested in exploring the Model Music Curriculum (MMC): Key Stages 1 to 3 – the government's non-statutory guidance for the curriculum in England – or simply looking for new repertoire for your students, follow or use materials from Charanga’s English MMC Scheme.

The Anyone Can Play SEND Scheme

The Anyone Can Play SEND Scheme is an accessible set of progressive units with lesson plans. It is designed to support musical activities and learning with students of all ages and abilities with special educational needs or disabilities – in special schools, alternative provision or mainstream settings.

Build your own Scheme

Teachers can create and share a unique, customised learning pathway for their school using Charanga’s Scheme builder tools, combining Charanga resources, lessons or units with their own. You and your school will know what is best for your own teaching context.

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